Neuroinfections Emerging in the Americas Study​

A multi-center observatory of university-based hospitals in Colombia to facilitate clinical, epidemiological, and virological surveillance, foster capacity building and research of neurological disorders associated with emerging infections
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Who we are

We are a collaborative research network comprised of physician-scientists, neurologists, researchers, virologists, biologists, public health specialists, epidemiologists, who joined forces to establish an observatory of neurological disorders associated with emerging infections and facilitate the long-term goals of building and strengthening sustainable research capacity in Colombia.

Where we are

We are in 13 University-based hospitals across 7 cities in Colombia.

What we do

We have available articles, abstracts, posters and publications along with video courses that are aimed to enhance researcher’s competences in the use of next generation molecular & immunological techniques, and computational biological approaches in metagenomics and pathogen discovery studies.


NEAS was established with funding provided by the Johns Hopkins Bart McLean Fund for neuroimmunology research. 

Additional funding by The Wellcome Trust, The European Union Zika Plan (id grand) and currently by The National Institute of Health (NIH – R01)

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